What's better than creation? Your creation.

With the help of our selection of white or plain colors clothes you can play with your talents as a young designer. Create your own Tie Dye pattern.
Choose your favorite colors or those of the current trends, as you wish. Then proudly wear one or more of your unique pieces.

You must be impatient, just make your choice of DIY Kit by clicking on the picture on the right to create your future masterpiece. 

Raw and intense colors.

Primary colors to go straight to the point or to mix them as you wish and let your imagination speak for itself.
All this awaits you among a selection of quality pigments (just on your left) that is necessary for the birth of your future Tie Dye piece.

You already have your DIY Kit ?

But your stock of pigments is empty. We have the solution.
Come and recharge it by clicking on the picture on the left. Our pigments are sold by unit to best meet the preferences of each of us. 





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