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Free yourself from other people's looks, let go of your soulless grey clothes and find in you your real style, be unique, be yourself with Tie Dye Store.

Emblem of freedom, take a look of the colorful sun, its light, and affirm your relaxed and powerful style.

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Dedicated to all the fashion lovers, the creative ones and the uniqueness enthusiasts, Tie Dye Store is a creator clothing company specialized in Tie Dye.

Our team is passionate about textiles and in particular about the evolution which begins from the Shibori style to the "peace n' love" 70's then today's Tie Dye style. It is therefore essential for Tie Dye Store to be committed to offering you a fashionable shopping experience with our online site.

Therefore, our team is composed exclusively of professionals attentive to all the details to offer you high quality clothes, accessories and decorations. We only work with suppliers who agree with our principles in order to obtain the best materials and affordable prices for your future Tie Dye outfits.

Are you a fan of the seventies, do you like crazy or trendy looks ? At Tie Dye Store we have several hundred items to meet your expectations in terms of Tie Dye. Several collections of clothing for women, men and children, to the numerous articles of decorations to dress your house with design, are proposed to you with different variants in order to satisfy all your desires.

So let it go to your imagination and your creativity in fashion and fall for our Tie Dye hoodies, our pastel Tie Dye t-shirts, our hair accessories or our Tie Dye hats. And that's not all, with all our different Tie Dye patterns and pastel, dark or flashy colors, gentlemen, indulge yourself with our Tie Dye jogging pants, Tie Dye sweaters or Tie Dye socks. For you ladies, this summer offer yourself a nice Tie Dye crop top to match your best jeans or a beautiful Tie Dye dress. And for baby ? Highlight your baby's smile with an adorable rainbow, yellow, blue or pink Tie Dye outfit. Are you more of a decorator ? Add some style to your room with a beautiful Tie Dye carpet or make your sofa trendy with a Tie Dye plaid. You're more manual ? Don't worry, at Tie Dye Store we like to highlight people who recover and customize their clothing: go to the DIY collection to find the Tie Dye kit and all the pigments you need. You'll also find t-shirts, sweaters, or white scarves (or plain colors) to try your hand at it or just create.

Because of our wide range of Tie Dye items and our deep desire to share it with as many of you as possible, it was essential for us to create this online site. In order to make this experience pleasant and efficient to your browsing we have divided our catalog as follows: Women Tie Dye / Men Tie Dye / Kids Tie Dye / Accessories Tie Dye / Decoration Tie Dye / DIY Tie Dye. 

Tie Dye Store and its team are here for you and all your desires ! You can also be part of the party if you have suggestions, questions or requests for partnerships, do not hesitate and contact us by email at contact@tie-dye-store.com or via our page "contact us". We wish you a pleasant visit to our online store, while waiting for our future collaboration, long life to the Tie Dye style !

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