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The women’s sweatshirt is a classic of the women’s wardrobe and your ally all year long: mesh or light, printed, oversize or close to the body, sober or trendy, it is a garment that knows how to adapt to all seasons and all styles.

Of course, we often associate it with the sports world, but the sweater is much more interesting than that.  When matched with the right pieces, any style is possible.
Especially the Tie Dye sweats, which fits more easily than you might think to your style.

No one doubts its usefulness in winter time however the sweater is still rarely considered as a real clothing accessory worthy of fashion or your style, especially when it comes to Tie Dye.
In addition to seducing by its practical and simple side, it is available in many materials (cotton, spandex, cashmere, organic cotton, polyester …), colors (intense blue, pastel pink, a sweet yellow …) and in countless shapes (short, long, curved, crop top, crew neck sweater, oversize …), as the blue and pink Tie Dye sweater in our collection.
Not only is the Tie Dye women’s sweater a must-have, it is also a true centerpiece of your wardrobe because it brings an ultra-feminine touch to all your outfits.  As comfortable as it is timeless, it’s your best ally to break the too serious side of an outfit or simply to accompany you in the relaxing moments of your daily life.

Wear it oversized with slim pants for a glamorous look. Or wear it with a tight skirt for a top outfit. Wear it with a few well chosen accessories, like pretty Tie Dye earrings, they become a refined and elegant garment.
The most daring among you will have fun with the contrast of materials, wearing their plush sweater, or their soft cotton Tie Dye sweats with their leather skirt.
It may be cold, but your style shouldn’t hibernate !

If you choose a strong piece from our Tie Dye women’s sweater collection, we recommend wearing it with more sober clothes so as not to overload your outfit. Whichever sweatshirt you choose, it deserves a special place in your wardrobe.
Stay warm in winter or on cool spring and fall days, and on beautiful summer evenings.

Forget the sweater in summer ? Surely not, rather adopt the light sweater in duo with a pair of shorts, a Tie Dye crop sweater or a light Tie Dye sweats set ( shorts + sweater ) !
It will highlight your sparkling personality and will ensure you an original look !