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Tie dye tiedye Men Hoodie hoodies

Men’s hoodies, zippered or not, prove that sporty and technical clothing has its place in the urban and trendy wardrobe.

Easy to wear and combine, they’re the everyday piece you can’t live without. No need to choose between comfort and style: men’s hoodies offer both.

The men’s hoodie, ideal for mid-season, is usually printed with patterns that enhance the sober look of active men. The zip-up hoodie is ideal between seasons or for outdoor activities. Very functional, some models of hoodies for men are equipped with pockets (front pockets, chest pocket …). The biggest brands in the world have appropriated the hoodie to highlight their name, proof again that this piece of clothing is undeniably fashionable for its style and practicality.

Men’s hooded sweatshirts exacerbate your masculine athletic look. The hooded collar enhances your outfit and gives a widening effect at the shoulders and the body. Wear them for streetwear, for winter, or to transition from the sports field to the city.

Perfect for an outing on town, at Tie Dye Store our men’s hoodies will be your best allies to protect you in case of bad weather.

They guarantee you a sporty and trendy look at the same time. With a denim jacket or bomber, let the hood of your men’s sweatshirt protrude to the trendy Tie Dye. Paired with jeans, this outfit is definitely youthful and dynamic. Finish your look with a pair of sneakers or boots for a more elegant style.

In our collection, you will also find men’s Tie Dye zipper sweater: choose a hoodie with a zip closure and wear it closed or half-open if mild temperatures allow it. The men’s Tie Dye zipper hoodie is especially handy in the spring, when the days start to get nice and sunny. You can open and close it to your liking depending on your style and the weather. The Tie Dye zipper hoodie is easy to wear for a casual and trendy look.

Ultra trendy and original, our Tie Dye models are easy to combine, almost in any season, and have a neat design that gives character to your look. To be associated with a classic outfit to contrast and style the whole or with a streetwear outfit to create harmony, the man’s hoodie is an essential and timeless.

Appreciated for their softness and their quality, these Tie Dye clothes for men can be worn in a thousand and one ways. You can find them in a skater style with a front pocket and oversized cut or in a more casual style with a sober Tie Dye hoodie as well cut (straight cut) as comfortable.

So gentlemen, what are your desires ? Tie Dye Store guides you:

  • Want to show an urban style ? Go for a light colored oversized hoodie for men, in city tones for example (men’s grey and yellow Tie Dye hoodie), to match with a denim jacket, a round neck tee-shirt, ripped jeans and low leather sneakers. 
  • In a more assertive register, we associate a  bright colors Tie Dye hoodie, like this red and yellow man’s hoodie, with matching sneakers and there you stand out and show your personality and your sense of fashion.
  • During casual Friday, it is de rigueur to dress more casually, so the shirt can stay at home. At the office, opt for a dark blue straight-cut hoodie with a touch of turquoise to brighten up your outfit; to play the chic card, choose a pattern with contrasting colors, for example very light yellow with blue. Match it with brown richelieu shoes, a brown leather belt and matching beige or blue chino pants.
  • Men’s hoodie can also be integrated into a formal outfit. On a white shirt, with or without a tie, under a blazer, this piece brings a trendy touch. Be sure to choose in this case a hooded sweatshirt darker than the shirt, but lighter than the jacket: this Tie Dye hoodie for men black and white is an ideal compromise and is easily worn at other events more casual. 


Enjoy your visit from the Tie Dye Store team.