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Tie Dye tiedye swimsuit bikini womenWomen’s swimsuits, a symbol of relaxation, warmth, escape, outdoor activities and beach / water sports, are worn according to the mood and seasons.

Once intended to conceal the body as much as possible, the swimsuit or bikini has become more feminine over time. Just like clothing or lingerie, women’s swimsuits have become a fashion essential in women’s wardrobes. In the city, in nature, as well as on the beach, it follows the trends and is at the top of fashion.

When to wear a woman’s swimsuit ?  A must-have for summer, worn with beach accessories, a beach dress or beach wear, it’s a must-have all year long ! To get away in the sun, to take a dip in the water, to lounge around happily or just to show off in the hammam or your friend’s jacuzzi, on the beach, at the lake, at the river and by the pool of course ! 

Looking for a colorful swimsuit ? Welcome to Tie Dye Store.

Glad you’re opting for colors instead of that pretty but basic black swimsuit. Discover our purple, pink, yellow, blue Tie Dye swimsuit colors, and patterns we offer: two-tone, multicolor, flashy, dark, pastel, spotty, striped, spiral, one-piece swimsuit, bikinis … it’s simple, we have nothing but the embarrassment of choice for the purchase of a Tie Dye woman’s swimsuit.

Rather modest or eager to emphasize its voluptuous curves without revealing too much ?We choose the safe value with a model of Tie Dye swimsuit 1 piece.  To be more assertive and have the assurance of making waves on the beach or during swimming sessions, opt for a one-piece swimsuit with a bare back, plunging neckline, push up or strapless (bandeau top), to link lengths while remaining feminine and, why not, sexy.

The 2-piece Tie Dye swimsuit or Tie Dye bikini is a delight for women who are more relaxed or want to perfect their tan. With a bikini, you reveal more of your body and assert your personality from bottom to top. Bandeau swimsuit, with or without straps, tankini, triangle, push-up bikini, bra, underwire bikini… We search and choose from a whole collection of Tie Dye tops that will make their effect for small and large breasts ! Bottoms also come in different models: panties more or less indented, high waist, Brazilian, tanga, shorty or mini thong… For our greatest satisfaction.

Which Tie Dye swimsuit should I choose ?  

  • The Tie Dye one-piece swimsuit: is the chic, slimming and comfortable swimsuit for swimming ! It is also perfect when you want to be glamorous on the beach while hiding your little flaws (that only you can see, miss !). Ideal morphology: X / 8 / H / V
  • The Tie Dye bikini: is the model of women’s swimwear most worn at the beach, because it is the two-piece that allows the least tanning marks. It comes in many forms of tops and bottoms, matching or mismatched (mix & match), multicolored and patterned. Dare the Tie Dye colors! They’ll be very fashioned on the beach this season (and every season after) ! Ideal morphology: X / 8 A / V
  • The Tie Dye bandeau Swimsuit: is perfect when you want to combine comfort and fashion ! You’ll easily show off your curves, while enjoying a firm, comfortable swimsuit top (guaranteed no tan lines at the shoulders). Ideal morphology: X / 8 / A
  • The Tie Dye push-up swimsuit: has a full-bust top, bra or bandeau that enhances small breasts, with a beautiful neckline for all breasts. Ideal morphology: X / A / H
  • The Tie Dye triangle Swimsuit: is a bikini with a triangular shaped top, with very thin ties that are straight or tied behind the neck. Its secret ? It adapts perfectly to all types of morphology (and we love it)! Ideal morphology: X / V / 8 / H / A
  • The Tie Dye high waist swimsuit: fall for it ! The bottom of this swimsuit is a high-waisted panty, which girds the curves of the belly, and gives a retro sixties look very trendy ! Ideal morphology: 8 / A / X
  • The Tie Dye trikini: is the two-piece swimsuit connected at the belly by a very graphic median strip. For the most daring among you, it is a trendy and very original swimsuit to wear. Ideal morphology: X / A


That said, the Tie Dye Store team strongly advises you to wear what you want ! No matter what’s “better” or not, treat yourself ladies.