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tie dye tiedye men sweater

Coming back to the spotlight every season, men’s round neck sweaters remain a timeless piece.

This makes them truly THE essential garment to have in your wardrobe for a casual and relaxed look! As pleasant to look at as to wear, sweaters for men know how to bring everything you need to brighten up your outfits.

Obviously ideal for the winter season, the men’s sweatshirt will keep you warm all day long. Quick to put on and easy to match, these creations with their neat Tie Dye design will easily go with your best sneakers or suede boots.

You will have understood it gentlemen, at Tie Dye Store the round neck sweatshirts for men are essential for your dressing room, so much they will match very easily with your pants, jeans or chinos. It is the basic to have for a relaxed look while being in the trend. Worn alone or over a man’s t-shirt or shirt, it gives an urban style and at the same time elegant with its round neck.

Brilliantly marked the originality of an outfit, men’s Tie Dye sweaters of this selection will know how to give you a feeling of warmth in everyday life as much by its utility as by its elegant and stylish Tie Dye patterns.

Among our collection, it comes in different versions by its colors, its Tie Dye patterns and its cuts:

Straight cut or oversized? 

It depends on your desires. A straight cut will highlight your stature, your shoulders and will slim your bust for a more elegant look. The oversized cut of a man’s Tie Dye sweatshirt will bring comfort and freedom to your body and will communicate a more casual and streetwear style to your look (if your girlfriend doesn’t already steal it from you as pyjamas, we know that they love it).

Tie Dye patterns vary from “spotty” to striped to almost “cloudy”… 

The Tie Dye pattern of spots communicates something artistic, freedom of expression and unique. Abstract, it’s easy to match any outfit with it.

The striped Tie Dye design is a reminder of the famous Marinière, that classic and timeless piece to have in your wardrobe. A men’s Tie Dye sweater with this design sends a more serious and organized message and brings a sober and elegant style to your look. While remaining unique by the Tie Dye design.

The Tie Dye cloudy patterns reminds the one with spots but with more softness. Generally pastel, it brings out your feminine side and thus emphasizes your virility. Fresh and subtle, this Tie Dye design is a real all-rounder in everyday life.

Colours: passing by pink, black, yellow, grey, orange or blue Tie Dye sweatshirt, the idea here is to let you choose your favorite colors. But rather light or dark the man’s Tie Dye sweater ?

Again, it depends on your desires. It is true that dark colors are classics that are easy to wear at any time. Pastel or light colors will be ideal to match a nice pair of dark pants with white sneakers for a more trendy look. Bright colors of a Tie Dye brings light and pep to your outfit, it is frank and assumed, we love it ! You have to dare, right, but when you begin you will never stop again !


Some ideas for you gentlemen:

  • For a slim silhouette, men’s Tie Dye straight cut sweater can be paired with jeans as well as with chino pants, preferably slim. For the top, you can put a shirt under your sweater to let the collar protrude for an elegant look.
  • To go to work, opt for a round neck sweatshirt to combine with a blazer (also very professional and stylish under a suit jacket), a white long sleeve shirt, raw denim jeans and suede ankle boots.
  • When you go out during the week, you can wear it under a jacket or coat to protect you from the cold on the chillest days. For the bottom, you can wear your Tie Dye sweater for men with light or dark jeans, slim or regular fit, everything is possible. All you have to do is put on your men’s jacket and you’re ready to go.
  • On weekends, we relax and focus on ourselves. Nothing better than to let yourself go in an oversized Tie Dye sweater for men. To go dancing, walking, skateboarding, reading a good book, or simply to be stylish, it will be your ideal ally. Pair it with dark or light straight cut jeans or matching jogging pants and your sneakers, that will rock it all !


Men’s sweaters at Tie Dye Store can be worn slim or loose for a silhouette that can be either refined or sportswear. Whatever your style, Tie Dye sweatshirts for men in our collection will match the other clothes in your closet, guaranteed !